A collection of paintings from Fallon Franzen.


A collection of drawings from Fallon Franzen.


If interested in my artwork please consider that I do need at least two weeks notice of the concept or medium that you are requesting. My prices vary by materials and size and of course the amount of time put into the individual piece. I do have various paintings for sale right now in a local shop so please if interested do not hesitate to request information on the location and hours. I do have experience in all mediums and do just about any type of work ranging from landscapes, nudes, life, abstract, portraits, and drawings. In the future, I will be custom painting guitars, motorcycle helmets, and possibly motorcycles. I am also willing to do custom murals of any size just please remember that this sort of work requires more planning and a considerable amount of time to complete. The price for murals depends on the size and the time needed to complete the work.

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